VIRTUS was founded 1977 by Fred Ebert in Hamburg as VIRTUS Produkten und Industriemaschinen Handelsgesellschaft mbH with the aim to represent foreign companies with products for the shipping industry.


In 2004 the name was officially changed into VIRTUS.


Also in 2004 an office building and a warehouse with workshop was established at the same location. Today 21 people are employed by VIRTUS.


We are an import and export wholesale company. Our core business is storage and distribution of significant spare parts to all our customers.


Other major activities are delivery, installation, service and repair of waste water and vacuum sanitary systems, wet and dry waste treatment plants, pump units (Azcue), HFO-booster, preheating and transfer units and fuel handling systems (Auramarine) and stainless steel push-fit pipe system (Blücher).


We were representing amongst others Evac OY and Jets Vacuum AS, the leading manufacturers of vacuum toilet and waste water systems (e.g. all ships built at Meyerwerft).


In addition to our products we offer the service of engineering and projecting for new buildings, retrofit and modernization.


Since 2010 our staff is certified to work on offshore platforms.


Our customers are international yards, ship owners and operators, ship suppliers and many others.


Of course we offer all our services for similar land based systems as well.


Landstr. 13

D-21756 Osten


T: +49-4776-8383

F: +49-4776-838485