REPRESENTATION    Genuine products of the following makers:

Bombas Azcue

Screw Pumps, Self Priming Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps for Sea & Fresh & Bilge & Waste Water, Sludge & Oil



Air driven pneumatic diaphragm pumps for all kinds of liquids





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HFO-Booster, Pre-Heating, Transfer Units, MGO-Handling Systems for low Sulphur, Turbine Lubricating Oil Units, Fueling-Systems


Sewage Plants (MSP STP MSD), Genuine Spare Parts


Landstr. 13

D-21756 Osten


T: +49-4776-8383

F: +49-4776-838485


Stainless Steel Marine Drain & Pipe Push-Fit-Joint System for Grey & Black Water, Vacuum & Gravity, EuroPipe

ME Production

Marine Exhaust Technology - Scrubber for SOx and NOx Reduction,

Toppenberg Steel Construction & Machining,

Mekanord - Marine Reduction Gearboxes, Controllable Pitch Propulsion (CPP) Systems & Service for Wind Turbine Gearboxes and Marine Gearboxes


Positive Displacement Pumps for Oil & Sludge, Hydrophor Units for Fresh- & Sea Water, Oil Recovery Equipment


 Salaroll Faltech

Oil-Accident Fighting and Succ-Off Systems


Smell Killer - deodorisation / prevention of smell nuisance

VADS - Vacuum Automatic Dosing System for Vacuum Systems, (Aeration and Cleaning)

Push Buttons, Real Wooden Seat & Cover for Vacuum WCs

Repair Sets for Sewage Treatment Plants

Vacuum-Pipe Cleaner

Antifoam, Disinfectants, Grease Removals, Neutraliser, Enzymes for Biological Processes

Pump Stations