20180119    -    ME Production: Scrubber upgrade on MV Norrøna

20171016    -    Auramarine: FuelSafeTM - Fuel changeover system

20171016    -    Auramarine: Agent Meeting in Finland

20171002    -    STL: Thanks a lot for your visit!

20170816    -    40 YEARS VIRTUS: Time to say "Thank You"

20170801    -    STL: VIRTUS at STL-Fair in Kalkar, Germany!

20170721    -    AZCUE: Opening ceremony of new production facility in Spain!

20160913    -    SMM 2016 Hamburg

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Our partner ME Production from Denmark reports the successful conversion of the ship

Norrøna. The passenger ferry is operating between Denmark and the Faroe Islands and was successfully equipped with the scrubber from ME Production during a 2 week shipyard stay in accordance with the current emission guidelines.


ME Production is leading the way in alternative solutions to the MARPOL guidelines. Under this link you will find further references.


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.




Gruppenfoto Agent Meeting Auramarine

Auramarine launches a safe and controlled fuel changeover solution


Fuel changeover when entering or exiting emission control areas is a complex and time-sensitive process. A number of challenges come from the fact that heavy fuel oil and low sulphur fuels have very different properties. In Auramarine’s solution, the process is initiated from the fuel selector and steered automatically by sensors providing real time data to keep the properties in control at all times.


“Each vessel has different specifications, and we find it essential that the fuel changeover system is designed accordingly with the necessary range of features to ensure a safe and reliable changeover process”, says Ole Skatka Jensen, Chief Executive Officer at Auramarine.


The key of a successful fuel changeover is to stabilise the fuel viscosity by utilising controlled heating or cooling to compensate the temperature difference, up to 100°C. The viscosity should not drop below 2cSt or exceed the limit specified for the engine. At the same time, the temperature change at engine inlet cannot be higher than 2°C/minute to protect the fuel system equipment from thermal shock.


“The need for this solution emerged from the demand for urgent troubleshooting and repair due to loss of performance, fuel injection failures, the sticking of fuel pumps, malfunctions caused by thermal stress or even machinery seizure during changeover. A controlled changeover process will assist in preventing such malfunctions, machinery wear and downtime. Our goal was to convert this complex process into a simple and safe task for the operator”, explains Ville Kaataja, Product Manager at Auramarine.


“The Auramarine FuelSafeTM solution is a result of our pursuit for a better understanding of the customer’s needs and challenges“, concludes Ole Skatka Jensen. The value of FuelSafeTM comes from a controlled, cost-efficient and predictable changeover process that is easy to operate. The solution is available for newbuildings, upgrades and retrofits.


For additional information, please see official press release or download the official brochure or send us an email.



Gruppenfoto Agent Meeting Auramarine

As the exclusive sales partner of Auramarine in Finland, we took part in the recently held agent meeting in Finland. As a result of this meeting, new insights were gained on current and updated/revised products in the fields of fuel delivery units as well as HFO boosters, pre-heating and transfer systems.


The company Auramarine was founded in 1974 and started with designs in the field of separators. The first HFO supply unit left the plant in 1976. Auramarine is the market leader in auxiliary unit production with over three decades of experience. They are specialised in delivering fuel supply systems and other auxiliary units.


With a global network and a comprehensive range of warehouses, short-term requirements as well as extensive custom-made products can be handled promptly.


We are looking forward to your message!




Messe Kalkar Virtus

The trade fair Shipping-Technics-Logistics in Kalkar is over and we would like to thank you very much for your visit to our stand. We hope that the fair was just as interesting and informative for you as for us being there for the first time.


Thank you for your interest in our offer, our services and in many cases also for your trust.


Once again it has been shown that personal contact is the basis for a good cooperation, in particular to successfully design and implement projects.


Our employees are about to process your inquiries as soon as possible and/or to fulfil your request for further information.


We look forward to built up a good cooperation and strengthen our business relationship.


For questions or queries please contact Mr. Dr. Bittner and Mr. Hagedorn.






This August is the 40 anniversary of the launch of VIRTUS back in 1977. During the past 40 years of business we were experiencing loyalty and appreciation by all of our partner.

A big thank you to all of our customers and vendors!



STL: VIRTUS at Shipping-Technics-Logistics in Kalkar 2017


At this year STL, the only trade fair for inland shipping and river cruise in Germany,

VIRTUS will be on-site with an own booth. We are looking forward to welcome all guest

who are interested in "who we are" and "what we can do".

Halle: C           Stand: 312



Azcue Pumps - Opening ceremony of new production facility in Spain


On 21st of July our partner Azcue Pumps S.A. opened a new production facility in Arrona, Spain.

Dr. Michael Bittner and Olaf Hagedorn of VIRTUS represented our company and attended the ceremony.


Azcue Pumps S.A. is a all time family owned production company for a wide range of pumps. Due to their own production facilities and own casting facilities able to serve individual needs.

A worldwide network of service-sites and 10 warehouses around the globe are guaranteeing

short reactions for the market.


We are exclusive distributor for the German-speaking area and combined with our broad experiences in fluid-handling and vacuum-generation in the past 40 years we are able to offer comprehensive customer-oriented service.




We thank all the visitors, customers, traders and agents for visiting our booth at this year’s SMM in Hamburg.


We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your visit and our hospitality.


The exhibition was a great success for VIRTUS and gave us the opportunity to showcase all our possibilites and new additions, which generated a great interest.


Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or feedback you may have following the exhibition.


We will be very happy to receive your enquiry and we hope you enjoyed our products and the exhibition.





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