Service for Marine, Onshore, Offshore and Land-based Plants

Consulting, Engineering, Maintenance, Repair, Cleaning, Component Change, Start-Up, Check and Tests as well as Spare Part Deliveries …

Vacuum Pipes




Vacuum Sanitary Technology




Sewage Plants




Pumps, Blower, Dosing Pumps


Vimex Gas Detection System


Dry and Wet Waste Systems


Ballast Water Systems


Offshore Service

Design, Technical Drawings and Pipe Diagrams, Installation Check On-Site, Start-Up, Maintenance, Cleaning, Optimising, Vacuum Test, Installation and       Design of Automatic Aeration and Dosing Systems


Consulting, Design, Cleaning, Upgrade, Vacuum Tightness Test, Installation Check, Sanitary Installation Toilets, Urinals, etc., Lift Stations



Tests, Maintenance, Upgrade, Repair, Instructions, Service Plan, Design, Measurements, Start-Up, Adjustments, Odour Elimination, Drawings, Manuals



Repair, Maintenance, Check


Maintenance, Calibration, Technical Instruction


Design, Maintenance, Repair, Technical instruction


Repair, Maintenance, Design, Start-Up


Since 2010 our staff is certified to work on  offshore platforms.




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